Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Nets win! How can you possibly be a Nets broadcaster?

Yesterday, the Nets won only their third road game of the season, this time against the Celtics, with Brook Lopez leading the way with 25 points.  But even with the win last night, it must be horrible to be a nets broadcaster.

Imagine having to broadcast every game for 81 games, and after every game having no hope that the team you are covering would win the next day.  That is what it feels like to be Marv Albert, Ian Eagle, and Jim Sparnakel, as they broadcast the Nets day in day out.


  1. Hey Noah,

    You are right. It must be tough to broadcast for NJ, especially for Marv who used to announce the Knicks in their heyday. But I have to say, having attended the Nets' victory last Friday, that there is hope for them. They have a decent young center in Lopez, a good guard when healthy in devin Harris and a few other shooters. They also might be in draft position to get John Wall from Kentucky. Who knows? A couple of other moves and they might be back in contention. Plus they are moving out of that morgue in the Meadowlands to a more rocking arena in Newark `til they move to Brooklyn. We'll see.

  2. Good point. But still, following them for 82 games must be extremely tough.


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