Saturday, February 27, 2010

Food: Sushi Mikes

Ratings are out of 20
Restaurant: Sushi Mikes
Location: 146 Main Street, Dobbs Ferry, Ny
Type: Sushi/Japanese
Food: 9/10
Service: 7/10
Overall Experience: 16
Best dishes:  Joe Petito Roll, S&S Roll, Seaweed Salad

One of our families favorite restaurants in Dobbs Ferry, has been featured in Westchester's Best many times, and the service is nice and friendly, and food is unbelievably fresh.  Though it can get loud, and the waiters occasionally have trouble understanding your orders.

Notes: Live Piano and singing on Monday.


  1. This is my favorite sushi restaurant as well. I love almost everything on the menu.

    Recently, some friends from Manhattan joined us at Mike's for dinner. They asked our server whether there was anything interesting not on the menu, and it turned out there were. These sushi items were amazing.

    So next time you go, query your server for specials not on the specials list.

  2. Are you going to review any other restaurants?

  3. Paul A. said that he only rate this restaurant 15, because it always forces him to eat too much. The restaurant is definitely too noisy, especially when the Barons are there.

  4. Paul A. My favorite restaurant in Dobbs Ferry is definitely 10 Cricket Lane. The hostess is pretty, the food is good, the wine cellar is good and getting better all the time, and the price is right. Come to think of it, though, it's just as noisy as Sushi Mike's . . . is that a coincidence?

  5. Helen A.: It's one of my favorite restaurants in Dobbs Ferry, too. I would rate the food as high as 18. Every time I go there, I'm tempted to order some of the interesting sounding rolls, but I usually end up ordering my favorite: unagi donburi (eel over rice with a yummy special sauce). Maybe next time I'll order one of the rolls you recommend.

  6. I'm with Uncle Paul regarding 10 Cricket Lane. The hostess/cook is superb. The sommelier ain't bad either.


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