Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mets: Should Reyes bat Third?

Should Jose Reyes bat third?  In my opinion they should bat him second not third, and if you are interested in this question, click here.


  1. Hi noah. i think they should bat him second, not third,so they can have Bay third

  2. Well Max, you agree with me if you read my post, but not for the same reason. Why bat bay 3rd? Bay doesn't have a good enough average to bat third, he should bat cleanup. This would be my lineup:

    Pagan [CF] [s}
    Reyes [SS]{s}
    Wright [3b]{r}
    Bay [LF]{r}
    Murphy [1b]{L} he should probably be farther down in the lineup, but with all of the righties we need somebody to break them up
    Francouer [RF]{r}
    Barajas [c]{r}
    Castillo [2b]{s}

    Thanks you for your comment, as comments are greatly appreciated.


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