Saturday, March 20, 2010

Food: Candlelight Inn

Ratings are out of 20
Restaurant: Candlelight Inn
Location: 519 Central Park Avenue, Scarsdale, NY
Type: American
Food: 7/10
Service 4/10
Overall Experience:  11
Best Dishes:  Just get any type of chicken wings you like, but do not get chernobyl.  It is extremely spicy!

This restaurant would be rated much higher if it were not for the huge wait, loud environment, and average service.  The wings are unbelievable and the fries are good but everything else is not something to rave about.  If you are a patient person with a lot of time who feels like wings, this is your place.

Notes:  If you don't like being in crowded places do not come here.


  1. Wow, this is an excellent review. I got a clear sense of the strengths and weaknesses of the restaurant, and I agree with you about the wings. Best chicken wings in lower Westchester.

    My biggest complaint about Candlelight Inn is its location. Since the waits are often long, I end up standing in a parking lot waiting or in the packed bar.

    I wish it were located on a traditional commercial street with sidewalks (like old Scarsdale or Dobbs Ferry). Then I could put my name on the waiting list, and take a stroll down the street.

    Nice job on this review!

  2. I finally made it to a new restaurant on the Upper Westside of Manhattan called "5 Napkin Burger." Pretty good even though the burger is about $15 per. the one I had with bacon and cheddar was worth the price. Good fries too. Restaurant was a little loud but in a festive way. It's really cheered up that corner. Supposedly they're going to have outdoor seating when the weather gets warmer. Nice almost brasserie-style spot.

    Candlelight Inn sounds great as far as the wings go. Liked your review Noah.

    Uncle James

  3. Wings are one of my big weaknesses, so it's good (and dangerous) to know about this new spot to try. I have fond memories of the "nuclear wings" at Mexicali Rose in Ithaca, which doesn't exist any more.

    Some restaurants are worth the wait, like Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Syracuse or Rochester. I'm glad you think this one is, too.

  4. I'm looking forward to your review of the new Indian restaurant in Dobbs Ferry, Orissa. We dined there the night of the blackout and enjoyed it.

  5. Thank you guys all for commenting, it is greatly appreciated! In the next couple of days I will come out with my Orissa review.


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