Monday, January 3, 2011

NFL Playoff Picks 2010-2011

Now that the playoffs are coming up, I am making my playoff predictions:

Wild Card Round:
3. Colts vs. 6. Jets= 6. Jets 20-17
4. Chiefs vs. 5. Ravens= 5. Ravens 27-10

3. Eagles vs. 6. Packers= Packers 24-14
4. Seahawks vs. 5. Saints= Saints 31-17

1. Patriots vs. 6. Jets= 1. Patriots 27-17
2. Steelers vs. 5. Ravens= 5. Ravens 13-10

1. Falcons vs. 6. Packers= 6. Packers 24-17
2. Bears vs. 5. Saints= 5. Saints 27-24

1. Patriots vs. 5. Ravens= 1. Patriots 31-20
6. Packers vs. 5. Saints= 6. Packers 27-23

Super Bowl:
Patriots vs. Packers
In a thrilling game in Dallas, the Packers fend off Tom Brady and the Patriots and continue their miracle run.  With a strong quarterback and a great defense, Aaron Rodgers will take his game to the next level and compete with Tom Brady, who will have trouble without Wes Walker.  Without him, they will have trouble with medium pass plays, and will have to run more than they want to.  The Packers, lead by their stellar defense, will contain the Patriots to many field goals, and will create havoc against the Patriots D.  Despite this, the Patriots will find ways to compete, and stay in it till the very end, and will be held short on a final drive.

Packers 27, Patriots 23
Comments, Reactions?


  1. Hmm, this is interesting. Although I'd sort of like to think the Jets will go farther (just so it's more interesting for me). And if the Patriots win I have to listen to Julie C. go on and on . . . .

  2. YIkes! I can't bear for the Patriots to win it. New England fans have so little to live for at this time of year so they're unbearable when they win.....

  3. There are 2 things I am looking for this postseason: an extended run by my Jets and an early exit for those pesky Patriots. Pretty please-- anyone from the AFC but those Pats! Baltimore QB Joe Flacco came from my alma mater, so I have a soft spot for the Ravens, too.

    Over in the NFC, I tend to agree-- I think the Packers could be the most dangerous team. Atlanta has the homefield, but lacks the experience of post-season play. Meanwhile, New Orleans could "sneak" right back to the Super Bowl.

    J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets!

  4. I don't know. Before week 17, I would have been even more confident in the Patriots, but without Wes Welker I am not sure if they will get past the Ravens or even the Jets.

  5. You were almost perfect on the wildcard in terms of winners. Only the Saints disappointed. Good guessing!


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