Friday, January 28, 2011

Large Snow could come on Wednesday

Next Wednesday their is a chance for a monster storm, and according to the models this would bring about 1.35 inches of precipitation, and depending on the temperature that could vary from 10 to 20 inches of snow.  Now obviously this is not a sure thing, because if the storm track ends up being farther north than expected now, that would mean more rain and ice and less snow, allowing for lesser snow totals.  But as of now it is expected to be snow.  Also, according to, there is another chance for a large snow next weekend.  These should both be major snows, so keep checking back for updates on the storm that should effect our region on wednesday with a major snowstorm.


  1. Great post, but watch their vs. there, buddy!

  2. Hey there. What's the latest news on the Mets? Saw that David wright wants a "no excuses" policy this season. We'll see.

  3. By the way, great job on forecasting the Super Bowl result. You were very close on the score and got the correct winner. I picked the Pats as the opponent too. Oh well.


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