Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More snow possible Friday/Saturday and next Wednesday/Thursday

According to Accuweather.com and weather.com, there should be two more storms approaching the area, both predicting different outcomes for each storm.  Weather.com thinks that the storm on Friday and Saturday should be the bigger one, forecasting snow, but on the second storm, it forecasts only "Few snow showers."  On the other hand, accuweather.com is the opposite, calling for snow showers on the first storm and a solid snow for the second storm.  Right now, both storms look very goo to me.  The GFS weather model has the second storm being bigger now, but the model has been shaky many times.  Also, if you calculate the snow totals, the first storm would bring down .7 inches of precipitation, or around 8 inches of snow.  The second storm would bring 1.7 inches of precipitation, or around 20 inches of snow.This could be a monster!!  But usually the GFS overdoes things, so I would say around 6 inches for the first storm and 18 inches for the second.  Their is still a lot of speculation, but I think we have our hands full with snow for the next week and a half.

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